A few years back

My best guess is that this photo was taken in 1980-81.  Jeri was in her "Amy Grant bangs" phase; Dad was in his "Look like I have a comb-over, even though I don't" phase; Mom just looks great; Jill was in her "Cute as a button" phase; Lisa was in her "How deep can I make my dimples look" phase; Julie was conflicted with her "come hither" shoulder strap, combined with her "birth control" glasses; and I was one strong wind away from taking flight with those long collars.  Yep, that was one handsome family.

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  1. Probably closer to 78. I got contacts early 79 & Jeri looks just like she did in her senior picture, which would've been taken in 77 or early 78. LOL, birth control glasses. Yeah. They worked. :o)