Meet Lisa and "Lake Awesome"

Lisa, aka "Lysol", is the second sibling, and she was blessed with a mind that sees no boundaries.  When she gets something in her mind there is no stopping her.  Like what you ask?  Well, Lisa's son Max comes in the back door one day with a buddy and a shovel and announces that he's going out back to build a lake!  A lake?  Yep.

Fast forward and Lisa has the entire family in the back yard excavating what is well on it's way to becoming "Lake Awesome"! The arrow on the pic at right points to the "lake" before Lisa got into it.

The bottom photo shows the current state of the lake. 

So, in typical Lisa style she did a bunch of research on designs for pond filtration, plant life and fish.  From there she generated a design that would offer the most shoreline, without eating her entire back yard.  This is the same back yard, by the way, where she built a fence, a fire pit, an elevated fort with zip-line, and a new MASSIVE swing for her grandson.

Lisa is a woodworker and has created many of the furniture and decorative pieces in her home on her Shopsmith Mark V.  She also made an impressive closet and pantry organization system from scratch.  Not only is Lisa gifted with the stick-to-it gene, but she has an excellent eye for style and design.

Lisa has taken a few stabs at selling her crafts online, but I think she's more content building things for her home and for her family.

The quite man on the left in the photo at right is David, Lisa's husband since 1982.  David was my best friend when we were in Jr. High School; though that all came to an end when he had the audacity to fall in love with my sister!  YUCK! 

More on David later.

UPDATE: Sept 2012
I've got a Lake Awesome update for you.  After some time off and a little flip-flopping as to the fate of Lake Awesome, Lisa and David have been encouraged by their four year old grandson Jonas to press on and finish Lake Awesome!  Here's a current pic from Google Maps:

Here's a little bit of silliness that took place at Lisa and David's place:

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